Legend slippery conditions

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  • Danger because of snow or ice on the ground is not expected.

  • The ground may become slippery because of fresh fallen snow of a few centimeters or because of local freezing rain or freezing drizzle.
    This situation is dangerous for pedestrains and for cyclists and can hamper, slow down and make dangerous any road traffic. Keep your distance and slow down your speed.

  • Dangerous slippery conditions on the ground are expected caused by fresh fallen snow, or by a continuous snowfall over an extended period, or by freezing rain, or by freezing drizzle on a frozen surface on a larger scale. These slippery conditions will hamper, slow down and endanger traffic. Therefore, keep sufficient distance while driving or avoid travel unless really necessary. Drive careful and be patient.

  • General icy conditions are expected due to intense snowshowers or prolonged snowfall all over the area and the situation is already very dangerous. This phenomenon will have a direct impact on all traffic situations and all economic activities in the region. We recommend to stay indoors as much as possible. Find the necessary protection for yourself and take protective measures for your belongings.